Poppy is a rescue dog with some serious behavioural issues that I have a lot in common with. She could have used someone with way more experience but because we are a good match I took her on with a full heart and a lot of hope. What a project she has been! Poochies has given me a lot of handling know-how and better confidence to help get us where we have the potential to be; a great team with a strengthened relationship. The best thing I believe I have learned from Megan and Julie was to try to relax and enjoy my dog and that helped me re-engage with humour and I am developing way more patience with the process. We still have a lot of work ahead of us but have seen tremendous benefits so far. My dog makes me a better person and Poochies gave me the ability to really reach and understand her.”

“I have enrolled in “Dog classes” with several different trainers in my area over the past 15 years with three different dogs. Megan is the first trainer where I had fun and that positive energy has produced the most successful results. She dealt with specific problems areas that have made my life with my dog a pleasure.” – Sally with Billie

“Everyone should take this class. Then whenever we go dogs would be welcomed and their owners confident in themselves and proud of their dogs.” – Susan with Taro

“Megan and staff were wonderful role models and teachers when it came to me and my rescue Toby. They taught me that patience and love are equally as important as consistency and I feel much more confident in my position as a dog owner. I have recommended you too many already.” – Christie with Toby

“This course has been a positive experience in building a relationship with my dog. I’m learning a new language and have learned much about consistency and patience.” – Jan with Gaia

“As a first time dog owner Megan has given me the confidence and skills to be the owner of a well-mannered and obedient dog! They also taught me that training is never “finished”. Even with all their skill and knowledge they are not afraid to explain that even they continue to work their dogs to maintain that relationship and obedience we all strive for! Thank you!!!” – Heather with Abbey