Beginner Obedience


New Poochies Intro

Get started early! A one-on-one session to help you learn simple and fun ways to develop proper poochie etiquette. This option is highly recommended for new puppies, adopted dogs and dogs with problem behaviours. Don’t guess, get the advice of an expert.

Beginner Obedience

Group Classes for Puppies and Beginners

Walking Exercise, walking politely on the leash
“Sit” Command/Holding a “Sit”
“Down” Command/Holding a “Down”
“Come” Command
Frequency: Twice per week for six weeks
Prerequisites: NONE!

Upon graduation, you and your pooch are eligible for our FREE ongoing Saturday sessions!

Get started early! A one-on-one session will ensure that you and your poochie are well-prepared for class. You will learn simple and fun ways to develop household manners. This option is highly recommended for new puppies, adopted dogs and dogs with problem behaviours.

This session will give you the knowledge and technique to establish basic obedience with your pooch using a Praise and Play method of training. We teach you a clear and simple method of communication that will significantly improve the relationship between you and your pooch. By the end of the program, you should be able to give your pooch a sit or down command that he or she will hold until released. Our clients have noticed that many of the following behavioral problems have improved or disappeared as a result of our training:

Housebreaking Digging
Destructive chewing Hyperactive behaviour
Jumping on people Jumping fences
Jumping on furniture Stealing food
Excessive barking Begging for food
Dominance related aggression Chasing cars
Aggression toward people Car sickness
Aggression toward children Fear and phobias
Aggression toward dogs or animals Submissive and hyperactive urination

We start with the basics, using treats, toys and encouragment to help your pooch understand what the command means. Then we go into one-word one-time-only commands while gradually increasing the level of distraction with other dogs, toys, treats, noise while your dog holds the command. With each victory, you reward your dog with praise (treats, playtime, toys etc.) to make the learning process very positive.

In addition to the benefits of a better behaved pooch, you will achieve a stronger bond with your dog. You and your pooch will be more confident in handling what normally might be stressfull situations. In addition to creating quality time, classes will socialize and condition your dog.

Basic obedience is an essential first step to overcoming almost any behavioral issues. For some, our Basic Obedience class is enough to solve the most annoying habits and behaviors; for other issues such as aggression, more training will be required.

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